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SILVER COIN: Age of Monster Hunters

Set in the fantasy realm of Atosia, Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters will make sure to take you on a journey like no other.

Combining a true adventure like feeling with strong eurogames mechanics, Silver Coin: Age of Monster Hunters offers a unique gaming experience. Bid for your character, starting location and initial resources, while putting your Victory Points on the line. Now you are ready to start your journey.

Set off and keep your eyes on the contracts offered by the various kingdoms. Plan carefully and prepare, asover 30 monsters you may face will each offer different challenges and get stronger depending on when and where you will face them. Come unprepared and you may face difficulties, prepare for too long and precious time will be lost.

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1. Kickstarter exclusive content!

Retail version and Kickstarter version will differ a lot, so make sure you get all the exclusive content.

2. Crowdfunding exclusive add-ons!

Add-ons will only be available to buy in a crowdfunding campaign.

3. Help this project come to life!

We are first time creators that have been working on this game every day for more than 4 years. The only way it can get on the shelves and see the light of day is to help us get funded. Thank you!

4. Kickstarter exclusive price!

Both pledges will be offered at a reduced price.

5. Help shape the game!

Receive all the stretch goals for free! The more backers we get, the more content we can unlock through the stretch goals and social goals.

6. Potential expansions!

The bigger the community will be and the the better the response, the bigger potential we have for creating further content for this game (expansions, fan made scenarios, custom monsters and more)!

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